Samstag, 23. November 2013

MJ Doll - The Elusive Shadow

Even tho I travelled far
The door to my soul stayed ajar

In the agony of mortal fear
Your music I did not hear

Thru twisting roads in memory lane
I bore my cross in pain

It was a journey of madness
Of anguish born in sadness

I wandered high and low
Recoiled from every blow

Looking for that stolen nectar
In my heart that long-lost scepter

In all those haunted faces
I searched for my oasis
In a way it was in a drunken craze
A cruel hysteria, a blurry haze

Many a time I tried to break
This shadow following me I could not shake
Many a time in the noisy crowd
In the hustle and bustle of the din so loud

I peered behind to see its trace
I could not lose it in any place
It was only when I broke all ties
After the stillness of the shrieking cries

In the depths of those heaving sighs
The imagined sorrow of a thousand lies

I suddenly stared in your fiery eyes
All at once I found my goal
The elusive shadow was my soul.